Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In Moderation (2)

So, a few weeks ago I switched to moderating comments in order to screen out some annoying spam that was targetting my blog. I seem have been successful at that, but shortly afterwards comments stopped coming in altogether. I was sorry about that, as I enjoy hearing what people think, but figured it was just a dry spell.

No so, it turns out. Instead, some upgrades and changes to the old computer in attempts to keep it going seem to have shuffled all incoming comments off into a separate folder I didn't know about (instead of coming to my email in-box, as had been the case). Now that I know where they are, I've posted all the ones that had been silently piling up. I hope to be able to drop the moderating eventually but am keeping it for now, just to make sure the spam has truly gone away.

So, thanks to those who sent in a comment here, a comment there over the past month or so; sorry for the delay in getting them up.

--John R.

UPDATE (Sunday December 6th):
The spam has showed up again, so I'm afraid we'll have the posts moderated for the foreseeable future. By all means send them in; I'll make a habit of checking them daily so they get posted without undue delay.  --John R.

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