Friday, December 11, 2015

Colbert again

So. Here's more on the Colbert proudly self-identifying as One Of Us (i.e., someone obsessed with Tolkien), a seven-minute clip in which he not only names THE SILMARILLION as his favorite book but mentions reading second-tier Tolkien works such as FARMER GILES OF HAM (a particular favorite of mine), SMITH OF WOOTTON MAJOR, and LEAF BY NIGGLE and name-drops people and places such as Arathorn, Lothlorien, Luthien, Beren, and the dungeons of Sauron.

Later in the clip it gets a little weird when it segues into Colbert-as-Atticus-Finch.

Thanks to Janna (forwarded via Janice) for the link.

P.S. Bonus points to Colbert for describing baseball as "like watching grass grow [but] with people
in the way"

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