Friday, October 9, 2015

Needed: a copy of TOLKIEN STUDIES volume X (2013)

So, one of the things I've discovered as I've been getting the shelves in my office in order is that I seem to have misplaced my copy of TOLKIEN STUDIES volume 10. After a good deal of looking I have reluctantly concluded that it's not in any of the places where I might expect it and at this point might not turn up for the foreseeable future. Which means I really ought to get a replacement copy so as to have it with the other volumes on my shelf. 
   To my surprise, buying a recent copy of this prestigious journal is harder than I wd have thought. The publisher doesn't have it. Amazon doesn't have it. Abebooks and ebay don't seem to have it. So I thought I'd put out an appeal: does anyone have a spare copy of TOLKIEN STUDIES volume X (2013) they'd be willing to part with? I have duplicate (contributor's) copies of Vol. VI (2009) and VII (2010, the Kullervo issue) if anyone wd like to trade.
   If so, let me know.

--John R.

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UPDATE: Copy found! Thanks to NFB Elf for the tip. -- JDR


Elf_NFB said...

Did you try to buy one from West Virginia Press? It's not listed as out of print?

John D. Rateliff said...

Dear NFB Elf
You're quite right. Earlier when I'd looked at their website I couldn't find ordering information when going to the specific page for the volume. After getting your message I looked again and found it this time under the Back Issues page. So I now have a new copy ordered and soon to be on its way to me. Thanks for the tips.
John R.

Tolkien Collector said...

Dear John,
I'm glad you found a new copy of volume X. If you are still willing to part with your duplicate copy of volume VI, I'd be interested in buying it to complete my collection (last one missing). Unfortunately, one cannot order copies of volume VI from the back issues page.
Alex (

John D. Rateliff said...

Dear Alex
Afraid both are already spoke for.
I appreciate what's it's like to have an almost complete set: that's why I was so upset with myself for misplacing my copy and, I thought, having let the period during which a replacement copy of Vol. X was available slip by. I made that mistake with PARMA ELDALAMBERON once, and it was years before I was able to get a copy of the missing issue (Vo. XIV, I think). I still haven't figured out if I didn't get TS. X or if I got it and have misplaced it, but at least I now I shd be able to fill in that gap.

Good luck on finding that one last volume.

--John R.