Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dr. Caligari

Well, I know where I'd be Monday night,* were the timing not appalling: at Silent Movie Monday down at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle, watching a screening of the silent movie classic THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. I've seen this on video, years ago, but never on a big screen,  the way it was intended to be shown.  It impressed me as the only silent horror film I've seen which is still disturbing. Most, like NOSFERATU, have too many bits which are deliberately silly, where the ham acting badly undercutting any horror element. CALIGARI has its overdone bits too, but between its story and its unsettling set design manages to pack quick a punch, even almost a century later.  If you have the chance, check it out.

--John R.
today's song: "Dogs" (from Animals, by Pink Floyd)

*thanks to posters and postcards for it I picked up at Trader Joe's today.

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