Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today I Rode a Camel

So, this whole not-being-on-deadline thing could work out. Since Janice and I had originally planned on attending MythCon as part of our trip to the East Coast, she took several extra days off work, which she's now using for a well-deserved rest. Meanwhile, after having back-to-back deadlines since, I think, sometime back in 2012, I'm now enjoying the feeling that while I have several ongoing projects, none of them are tied to a hard deadline.

So, today we went to the Bonney Lake renaissance fair. We'd made it down to this last year and enjoyed ourselves, and the same proved true this year as well: we saw a tournament (the bad guy won, no doubt to get his comeuppance later in the day), saw a wicked funny standup comic who was actually funny (same guy as last year; he's still just as good), browsed in some of the shop-tents (didn't see Gwendolyn's tent, but did see Janice's friend Maiya's), and rode a camel. Her name was Matilda. She's a little dromedary who good-naturedly took the two us us (Janice and I together) around her field twice. So there's something I've never done before that I most unexpectedly got to do.

Then it was back home to face a Where Were You inquisition from the cats, followed by a quiet evening, with Janice reading and myself watching Batman (the 1960s series, which I originally watched back in the day and am now finding highly amusing to re-watch as an adult) and catching up on email. This would have been a CALL OF CTHULHU evening, but the combination of low turnout and my wanting to put more prep time into this, the Seattle leg of their ongoing adventure, caused me to move it back two weeks.

And now, time for an evening reading session myself. I could get to like stay-cations.

--John R.

current book: THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA by Philip Roth

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