Monday, October 22, 2012

The Blurb

So, Monday I went down to the Barnes & Noble in Federal Way, which I visit once in a while, and discovered that since my last visit they now have a Hobbit Table* -- that is, a table filled entirely with books by (and about) JRRT.** And, while there, I got to see an extremely minor new publication of mine -- a blurb.

Specifically, a blurb for Corey Olsen's new book EXPLORING THE HOBBIT. I've never been asked to do a blurb before; nice to be asked.  I provided both a very short one and a longer one; they chose to go with the longer form (perhaps appropriately, given the expansiveness of my own H.o.H.). Here's what it says:

Most readers race through THE HOBBIT at breakneck speed, drawn onward by the exciting plot. Professor Olsen encourages us to slow down and take the scenic route, savoring each chapter. Through close, careful explication, he points out significant details and draws attention to hidden themes; he's particularly good at pointing out how Tolkien uses poems as characterization.
   Recommended to hobbit fanciers everywhere.
                                                      --John D. Rateliff

I shd point out I'm in good company; this is a well-blurbed book. The back covers has no less than five testimonials: one by Wayne & Christina, then mine, then Michael Drout's, Patrick Currey's, and ending up with Verlyn's. Here's hoping Corey's book gets fans of the book thinking about it as well as enjoying it.

--John R.
current reading: D&D NEXT rules; Philip Larkin book; "The Battle of the Goths & Huns".

*like the one that appeared, then disappeared again suddenly, at the SouthCenter B&N I usually visit.

**plus a few oddities, like Gollum bobble-heads. The mind boggles.

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