Friday, October 26, 2012

Day Four

Today, made the last attempt to contact Mr. Pitt's owners. No response to the message I left. Have to face the fact that they seem to have deliberately abandoned their cat.* That complicates matters.

The good news is that one of the local no-kill shelters has agreed to consider him, should he pass tests for feline leukemia and the like. I'm scheduled to drive him over there on Tuesday. So for the meantime, he continues his lonely but safe sojourn in temporary quarters in our garage, and we're hoping and praying that all goes well with the tests. And trying to think of any alternative if things don't go well.

I'll see if I can post a picture of him here tomorrow, for those who might be curious what the subject of all this sudden attention looks like.

--John R.

*of course it's possible they're away on a long trip, like we were in September, or just never check their answering machine. But it's hard to feel charitable to those who first had a cat declawed and then seem to have deliberately washed their hands of it. Especially as he's sitting here purring at my feet as I type this at the old desk in the box room, with the clock ticking down.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for caring about Mr. Pitts, John. It's disturbing to know that there are people that would deliberately abandon a pet (though as you say, there is some slight possibility that they are away), but the fact that there are caring people like you and Janice does my heart good.