Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day Three

Thursday, and still no call from Mr. Pitt's owners. We've called again and left messages, including a message that if this is no longer their phone number, will they please let us know that. We've been able to confirm* that they still own that same house listed as his home in the microchip database, though of course that doesn't necessarily mean they still live there. We're wondering if they may have given him away at some point to new owners, but if so they're our only link to identifying and getting in touch with those new owners. And still no call.

Sat with him for an hour or so this morning down in the box room; spent about an hour and a half this afternoon walking around other complexes in The Lakes putting up more flyers. Sat with him for another hour this evening. Still no call, and time is running out.

Here's hoping for a breakthrough soon.

--John R.
current reading: A New World Symphony by Philip Larkin (unfinished novel)

*it's amazing what you can find out on the internet. and a little scary.


Unknown said...

Thank You John for your kindness. We have three cats none of which either my wife or I planned to bring into our home. The oldest is Tata. She was smuggled in by our daughter,she lived in concealment in her room a couple days, until we discovered her and of course said yes you can keep her. Then there is black cat Stuart who came home with the same daughter after she broke up with a boyfriend. She has since moved out but Stuart stays because this is now his home. He is my reading pal at night. His favorite author is Tolkien. Before Stuart my reading pal was another black cat Turshis, she lived a long and happy life. Her favorite author was Washington Irving she especially liked his work on Christopher Columbus, she would have been right at home on the high seas up in the crow's nest spying for new lands and adventure. Then there is lil red she came to us because her father and mother divorced. Sadly our oldest son broke up with his wife after his return from war in Afghanestan. Lastly but certainly not least, I must mention one other which I found freezing and starving in our garage in sub zero temperatures during one of our brutal Vermont winter spells. We named her Tramp, poor Tramp had a hard life. We returned one day from a welcome home ceremony for our youngest son who also had served our country in Afghanestan to find Tramp terribly injured. As a result the vet reccomended her tail be amputated. She would always show you her missing tail but would never tell us what happened. She was an outdoor cat and would not have been happy had we tried to change he ways. The after on dismal rainy late summer night she disappeared we never saw her again. Maybe a Fisher cat got her we will never know. I only hope the time we gave her with a warm loving home made her life better. I have probably said too much, but I hope it helps you to see why I really mean it when I say thank you for being there to help those of God's creatures who need a helping hand.
Gerry Blair

John D. Rateliff said...

Dear Gerry
Thank you for the kind thoughts.
And especially thank you on behalf of Tramp-cat and the others.
We'll do what we can and hope for the best.
--John R.