Monday, September 12, 2011

Taum Santoski XVIII

'Aphorisms Towards a Poetics of Fantasy'

18. The schema of fantasy and mythological epic is not only a matter of gods, demi-gods and supernatural happenstances. Gods alone do not a myth make, and rhymes do not make a poet. What is at stake when a author chooses fantasy or mythological epic over some other form such as novel or poetry?

--Taum Santoski, circa 1984

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Sarah said...

This is a most excellent question.

And one I have thought about myself, though I'm not sure I've found an answer. Why chose to tell a story in a world totally made up from my imagination? What can I find only there, and not in a setting from "the fields we know", in one fashion or other?

I suspect the answers might be as varied as there are writers. But the answers would be darned fascinating!