Friday, September 9, 2011

Taum Santoski XVII

'Aphorisms Towards a Poetics of Fantasy'

17. When CJRT exhausts his father's writing Middle-earth may become mothballed, standing like the empty hulk of a ship in dock filled with inert gap for preservation There are no real inscriptions, sarcophagi, coins, gems, or other remains at hand to give more information save what Tolkien has written and reported.

--Taum Santoski, circa 1984

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Sarah said...


But so far, it is apparent to me that what JRRT left behind is so vast and rich, it will take a long time just to sort out and identify everything. And only then could an exploration of the total meaning of his work be said to begin.

How sad that Taum did not live to see this. He only saw the beginning of it, when it looked relatively "simple."