Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Cat Report

Glad to learn that Baseball has gone to his new home and by now is getting to know his new people.

The cat room now has three cats: senior cat Bettie Boop, who tends to toggle between  wanting affection and acting grumpy. She thought about coming out several times but ended up staying in all shift. 

Bonded pair Maverick and Goose couldn’t be more different. The yellow cat (Goose) stayed in the cat-igloo all shift. I reached in and petted him a bit but decided forcing him out wd get everything off on a bad foot

The grey cat (Maverick) had two micro-walks of maybe ten seconds each time. He did pretty good for just-arrived /new place / with people he didn’t know.  He might turn out to be a really good walker once he settles in and becomes comfortable in the new place.

We do have one small puzzle: Goose might be a repeater. Several volunteers remember Goose as having been in our adoption room before, years back. I don’t, but that may be because I was in the Tukwila cat room, not the Renton room. In any case, glad to see Purrfect Pals’ take-them-back policy pays off.

 —John R.


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