Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Cat Report Dec. 16th 2022


So, today we had seven cats:  three pairs and one solitaire, with an empty set of cages.


Great to hear about the adoption of LUCY-LOU, who was both beautiful and winsome.  Hope that his pending appointment for BOLT also turns out well.


Between us my fellow volunteer K and I got four cats out on walks.  I started off with BINGO, who was low-key but seemed to enjoy himself. He mostly sat on the small cat-stands lined up outside the room, giving them his personal seal of approval while he watched the world go by. He also did some window shopping, wanting to claim some scratching boards for his own (as did Irwin later).

 Meanwhile K took BONGO further afield. 


Next it was IRWIN and ELENOR’s turn. I walked him while K walked her. As in previous weeks it was nice to see how much Irwin enjoyed going up and greeting the store employee, many of whom not only stop and pet him but know his name. They both had long walks — surprisingly long given how the store was fairly crowded with people and several dogs (mostly well behaved). Irwin kept asking for doors to be opened; the only time I obliged was to let him briefly inspect the men's room.


ONYX and SEVERUS came out and played in the Cat Room.  They enjoyed the attention, games, and being groomed by K. They’re two smart cats —I haven’t seen them open their cages, as others report, but I have seen them open the cupboards with almost casual ease. 


BOLT asked to come out. This was such a change from a week ago (when he had just arrived) that I petted in his cage a good while first. Once he did come out he played games, rolled in catnip smell, and generally enjoyed himself.  A word of warning: beware the belly rub.


Still didn’t think our two black panthers wd be calm enough to be walkers; maybe next week. And to try to walk a cat named Bolt just seemed like asking for trouble.


—John R.




I loved this part out of another volunteer's report: 

There was a spider that walked in.   

That was a great toy for the cats.   

He didn't last long. 



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