Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dave Arneson sees the future

So, yesterday I found the old Dave Arneson piece I'd been looking for (right where I thought it'd be, and where I thought I'd looked three times already. Apparently not),    A bit disappointing on a quick skim, but I'm nevertheless looking forward to reading it through.

Nearby, also on the JUDGES GUILD shelf, I found a copy of PEGASUS magazine --the Summer 1999 issue. As it turns out, this issue includes an interview with Dave Arneson, in which he makes the memorable pronouncement

Oh, the future's here.  

It turned out to be a lot dumber 

than I thought it was going to be.

I wonder what he'd make of the current D&D boom, as testified to in different ways in these two links,* one about D&D's acceptance in popular culture,  the other about WotC's opening moves in what looks to be the start of work on the next (sixth) edition of D&D.

--John R.

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*thanks to Janice for the links)


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Paul W said...

I don't know how Arneson feels, though I love that quote. I think the future has turned out much dumber then I expected.

But for myself, I feel like D&D left me behind two or three editions ago. I run 5e because my kids and my local club want that system, but it doesn't feel like D&D to me. More like running some other system, like the Storyteller system. It's a fine fantasy TTRPG, it just isn't AD&D. (I know, they call it just "D&D" now....)