Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Hand of the Necromancer

So, when writing recently about the late Len Lakofka's early AD&D setting of Restenford and environs, I completely forgot about one contribution I made to the setting: THE HAND OF THE HIGHWAYMAN.  

This was a  short (11-page) adventure set in Restenford, available free online as a web enhancement for SONG AND SILENCE, the Third Edition class handbook for Rogues and Bards written by Dave Noonan and myself. My memory of the details is vague, but I think this was put together by Penny Williams for Julia Martin's web team and, based on the credits, edited by Miranda Horner. 

I know that Dave wrote the parts describing traps, he having created the trap system in SONG AND SILENCE, while I'm pretty sure I did that part about the Hand of Glory, having myself been interested in that traditional item ever since I first learned of it years before via THE INGOLDSBY LEGENDS and John Bellairs (as well as being a fan of the old Smithereens song). 

Here's the link to the piece, --published in 2001 and, surprising enough, still available through the Wizards website.


--John R.

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