Saturday, February 22, 2020

Art Garfunkel's Reading List

So, while sorting out some old papers last week I came across a reference to Art Garfunkel, of Simon & Garfundel, and his reading list. A little quick research showed that what was true in 2006 is still true in 2020: not only does Garfunkel still keep up his list but he's made it easily available on his website. The total now stands at 1299 books, from Rousseau's CONFESSIONS (June 1968) through the most recent, Atwood's  THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

In addition, Garfunkel has a special list of his favorites, which itself runs to 170 books. I didn't go through his whole list, but of the favorites I've only read twenty-two out of the hundred and seventy. And while my list is longer than his* that's to be expected given that reading is a side-line for a great musician whereas it's a large part of what I do as an editor and scholar.

Here's the list.

*(it currently stands at 3558 from the restart date in 1981, with the previous list having gotten to 536 books between 1975 and 1981)


David Bratman said...

I've read 18 of Art's favorites. One of them was a school assignment; two I read in college classes.

John Hancock said...

I have read four and parts of others. It just shows how diverse people are. I probably read as much as he.

Marcel R. Aubron-Bülles said...

Thank you for the link to the list which, in itself, makes for an interesting read.

However, I'd like to note - as it somehow feels a little like good ol' nails scratching over blackboard when reading it - that the blog post title is

Art Garkunkel.

Or - what may very well be - it's a joke I simply didn't get. :)

In that case: sincerest apologies for this comment!