Wednesday, October 16, 2019


So, I've now arrived in Arkansas for a week's visit, by way of Atlanta.

Last night was some very enjoyable visiting with family up in Little Rock, while today after a late start we drove down to Magnolia.

Tomorrow and Friday will be here around town, while Saturday we're having a big family get-together back up in Little Rock.

Signs  That-Show-You're-Back-In-the-South

--Seeing the first mockingbird of the trip: late morning today in the parking lot outside the Barnes & Noble/Starbucks in Little Rock: it came up and perched near us on a car.

--Coming across Xian faux-rock stations.

--Seeing those weird birds I've never been able to identify* at the Love's truck stop in Prescott.

--Standing next tp  a mimosa: this afternoon in Magnolia on the lot where the family house used to stand.

--John R.
current reading: THE SPIDER STRIKES! by Michael Innes (good concept, but takes forever to get started), also BUSMAN'S HONEYMOON by D. Sayers (re-reading a minor work).

*they look like slim grey grackles but act more like sparrows

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