Thursday, May 10, 2018

I'm at Kalamazoo

So, I'm now (a) at Kalamazoo and (b) have a wi-fi connection.

Yesterday's 'Tolkien Day' Seminar went well, and my own presentation seemed to go down okay.

Today's already off to a good start with an excellent morning session; in half an hour the afternoon sessions, which also look promising, kick off. I've already run into more Tolk folk than I have time to list here.

I'll post some quick descriptions of the various Tolkien-related presentations when I get a chance.

Meanwhile, it's time to go to the next session. More later

--John R.
curent reading: a most peculiar 'biography' of pulp hero Doc Savage by Philip Jose Farmer.

I''ve already bought my first book of the conference, a volume of ARTHURIANA with an essay in it about the Lost Arthurian Plays of Elizabethean England. Who cd resist?

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