Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tolkien Sessions at Kalamazoo

So, yesterday's mail brought the program book for this year's Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo (coming up just the month after next). After going though and picking out the Tolkien content, I noticed that Anna Smol had already done so, and has the Tolkien-themed presentations listed in a minischedule on her site. What's more, she includes the session for Tolkien Day, a side-gathering being held the day before Kalamazoo itself, for those (like me) who wanted more Tolkien than was available in the official tracks.


One interesting side-event taking place as part of the main conference is a performance of LEAF BY NIGGLE, which I've never seen staged before; hope it'll be possible to see it (nighttime events are always iffy to make it to)

I'm not presenting a piece this year (unlike nine of the ten preceding years), being tied up in the WILDERNESS OF DRAGONS project, but I'm certainly looking forward to going to other people's presentations and finding out things I didn't know yet. And of course it's always good to meet Tolk folk.

--John R.
current reading: SECRET VICE (just finished), ON THE BEACH (just read the scenes set in Seattle).

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