Wednesday, March 8, 2017

free to a good home: ALARMS & EXCURSIONS

So, the ongoing effort to organize stuff -- and we're talking many boxes full of stuff here -- has currently reached the rpg magazines, of which I have far too many. Some are obvious keepers -- such as my almost-complete run of DRAGON and full set of DUNGEON and of POLYHEDRON. Others need to be sorted through to see if there are any individual issues worth keeping or articles worth extracting (e.g. SHADIS and CHALLENGE). And still others can just go.

A good example of this last category are two issues of the long-lived legendary gaming apa ALARUMS & EXCURSIONS. I was never a member of this apa, but I have two stray issues that I picked up over the years, left behind when their original owners no longer wanted to keep them.

the first, issue # 219 (Oct 1993), talks a lot about GenCon '93 and OVER THE EDGE and AMBER Diceless Gaming, the latter being in vogue at about that time. Among the thirty-odd contributors are Lisa Padol, Spike Jones, Jonathan Tweet, Robin Laws, Tony Lee, and apa coordinator Lee Gold.

the second, issue #239 (June or July ?1995), includes topics like gender equality in rpg systems and EVERWAY. Among the contributors are Greg Stolze, Lisa Steele, Spike Jones, Lisa Padol, Jonathan Tweet, Rob Heinsoo, and of course Lee Gold.

Hate to just throw these out if there's anyone out there who'd like this snapshot of a highly self-selected segment of the gaming world as it was twenty-plus years ago. So, if anyone is interested, drop me a line.

--John R.
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