Thursday, October 13, 2016

Not All Who Wander . . . (2017 calendar)

So, I've noticed lately that Tolkien's phrase "not all those who wander are lost" has escaped the original context of his book and can now be found on inspirational posters (and, more oddly, souvenir mugs from Yosemite). The latest example I spotted today during a visit to one of the friendly neighborhood Barnes & Noble bookstores. I was looking for the 2017 Tolkien calendar (which looks to be one of the good ones, w. Tolkien's own art) and while I didn't find that, and passed on the HOBBIT movie calendar I did find, I found something I hadn't known about: a poster-calendar featuring the art/calligraphy of Becca Cahan, in which Tolkien's quote was given prominence as the cover-art. To give a sense of context, another month's inspirational message is "Whatever You Are, Try to Be a Good One" and yet another's "Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Time Wasted".

Nice to see JRRT getting into the general culture in an unexpected way. I think he'd be rather pleased.

--John R.
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