Sunday, November 8, 2015

60 Minutes D&D Piece

So, while reading a (mostly negative) review of the new Wilwer biography of Gary Gygax on the NEW YORKER site,* I came across a link to the old 60 MINUTES segment on D&D, which I think dates from around 1985. I've often heard about this but never had the chance to see it, so it was interesting to finally have the chance. It wasn't as bad as I'd been told: they basically interview Pat Pulling and Th. Radecki of the anti-D&D movement on the one hand and Gygax with a TSR spokesman on the other. It's not a hit piece so much as credulous, assuming that with this much smoke there must be fire. Had they actually done into investigation into the claims they wd have found them to be bogus, so it's a failure of due diligence on CBS's part. Still, it's nice to see the Gygax bits, and also to see (and hear) Ed Bradley again, my favorite of all the 60 MINUTES crew back in the day.

Thomas Edward Radecki,

Here's the link to the whole piece; sorry about the poor resolution of the video:

--John R.
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Thanks to Monte for the link.

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grodog said...

I've had a transcript of the show since its original airing, but wasn't aware the interview was on YT? Thanks, John :)