Saturday, September 5, 2015

on the road

So, yesterday I got to spend the morning in the Wade at Wheaton, having already had all day Wednesday at Marquette in the Archives. Since then it's been various activities surrounding a Coulter family wedding; the rest of the trip involves family visits. And, as time and internet access allowed, getting in touch with everyone who sent in a proposal for the Flieger festshrift (it'll take a while, but within a few more days I shd have gotten in touch with everyone).

While at the Wade, I did pick up the new biography of Joy Davidman (although I'm sadly behind on Davidman scholarship, not yet having read her letters, which I picked up some time ago, I think on an earlier visit) and a dvd of a one-man show of C. S. Lewis called AN EVENING WITH C. S. LEWIS, starring David Payne as CSL circa 1963. More on this one when I've had a chance to watch a bit (the running time seems to be ninety-eight minutes), though a little online research shows that the same actor has appeared in various productions of SHADOWLANDS. More interestingly, he has written two more plays about Lewis, one about Jack and Joy and the other about Jack and Janie (Moore, that is). I'm more interested in the latter, wh. unf. seems to have been neither recorded nor published (not even sure if it's been staged). More on this when I've had a chance to view some of his work.

--John R.
(on the road: Seattle > Milwaukee > Harvard > St. Charles > Wheaton > St. Charles > Rockford > Harvard)
current reading: MADNESS ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (2014). A Chaosium Book. ed. Jim Lowder.

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