Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Cat Report (W. 1/28-15)

Thanks to beautiful gentle Cameo's adoption Tuesday night we're back to four cats today: MR TIZZYANUBUS AUGUSTUS (GUS), and bonded pair GUNNAR and GYPSY. And I think for the first time since I've been volunteering we have more male cats than female ones (three to one).

We started out the morning with long walks for all four cats. There was some anxious mewing at times but they're all starting to get the hang of it and I think enjoying getting out of the room. Gypsy kept climbing up on the big cushions along the back wall of the store and purring; she'd clearly like to take one of them 'home' with her. 

The new cat-stand and new arrangement of the room looks good. Anubus went into his favorite place, Tizzy settled atop the basket on the bench, which got him pretty close to where he used to go on the now-vanished catstand -- though he keeps thinking he can squeeze between the two uprights on that stand and keeps finding out he's wrong. Gypsy was out and about, while Gunnar enjoyed the cagetops. 

We had plenty of time for games. I discovered that Tizzy rather likes the gopher game. The feather duster was a winner with Gypsy, Tizzy, and Gunnar. The string game went over well with Gunnay, Gypsy, and Tizzy. And everybody loved the catnip.

Late in the morning when doing up the input/output sheets I noticed several people commenting on how much the cats liked the new feathers-on-a-string, so I broke that out and wow, were they right. All four cats were enthusiastic; even Anubus wanted to play, though since he didn't want to come out this meant I had to try to swish the feathers so that they'd land on his shelf inside the cabinet. Easier said than done. Still, they had a good time all around, and sad faces when it was time to go back into cages. 

Several visitors, plus the cats made some friends when out on their walks, but no one who seemed to be thinking about adoptions. 

All in all, a quiet morning.

--John R

P.S. And just as I'm finishing this up this Thursday evening comes news that we now have four new cats, bringing us back up to eight -- not far shy of a full room. Here's hoping the newcomers get along well with those already in Tukwila (a fairly easygoing bunch).

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