Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Cat Report (W. 1/21-15)

So, with the adoption of little SPIDER MONKEY (now 'Ebony') to a v. good home, we're now down to five cats. This allows for a certain roominess, with the cats not being too crowded. And it shows: now that last weeks' newcomers are settling in the hissing has stopped as everyone has found some favorite places.

With there only being five cats, I was able to walk them all, one by one. Mr. TIZZY's walk was lengthy but uneventful. ANUBUS found out how to open the front door and was all for going out to have a look-see at the great outdoors; I had to dissuade him. CAMEO discovered the big cushions along the back wall and thought she'd like to climb up on them and, once up, to settle down and enjoy all the cushiness. She was a little indignant at having to move. All in all, she did very well. GYPSY, after some initial suspicion, also had a good time exploring, and a still better time coming back in (or so I assume from all the purring when she came back in). GUNNAR was v. nervous and squirmed when held but was somewhat braver when on his own furry feet. 

After everyone was back inside I tried to tempt Tizzy with a game, but he wasn't much interested. He shifted from the cat-stand by the door to the bench, where he found himself face-to-face with Gypsy; neither hissed, I'm glad to say. Then he passed right by Cameo (again, with neither hissing) to claim his favorite spot: the cat-stand by the cabinet (the top level today, given that Cameo was already on the level he usually chooses). 

Cameo lazed about on the mid-level of the same cat-stand. Gypsy stalked a bug that may have been imaginary (though in any case she had a good time pursuing it). Gunnar found the fresh catnip in my bag, dragged it out, and eviscerated the little bag it was in, strewing it all about  so everybody could have a share. And there was much rejoicing. 

Gypsy and Gunnar have learned how to use the steps to go up and come down from Cagetop Land. Gunnar, the most active and alert cat in the room today, discovered Anubus's secret place (behind the blankets on the top shelf in the cabinet) and tried to work out how to get in there and share that spot but couldn't figure it out. I'd say he's well on his way to asserting himself as Boss Cat, mainly through all the other cats not caring one way or the other.

Just before the cats went into their cages,  a PetsMart employee came in with three little pouches of cat-treats that someone had just given the room's cats for a donation. Cameo recognized them for what they were right away and came straight over to turn on the charm and ask for one. I felt bad not giving her one, but last I knew we morning cleaner/socializers weren't to give the cats any treats -- I assume that still holds?

When it was time for everyone to go back inside at end of shift, I noticed that Cameo was water-dipping her food. Or, to be more accurate, she'd take a bite of cat-kibble then turn her head to the left, over the water bowl. A piece or two would drop into the water, and she'd fish it out and eat if off her paw. She did this time and time again, over and over. A bit odd, but very cute.

And that's about it for another week. We've got a good set of cats -- no psycho-kitties, not too crowded, with the cats more inclined to ignore each other than get into tussles or hiss-offs.  Here's hoping more adoptions are in the offing soon, esp. for Tizzy and Anubus, who've been with us about two months now.

--John R.


Steve Miller said...

I miss having cats around... I am really looking forward to my finances stabilizing so I can have a couple of cats again.

John D. Rateliff said...

Hi Steve

Yes, it's hard to go from having cats to not having cats. I was without cats for most of the time I was in Milwaukee. I finally moved into an apartment that allowed pets in May 1989 and got Parker the same month (rescued from a parking lot, but that's another story).

In the meantime, why not drop by one of the cat rooms from time to time and enjoy petting cats even while you're in a catless period?

Good luck on the stabilizing.

--John R.