Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Trailer for the Third HOBBIT movie

So, as of yesterday I got to see the preview for BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES, the third and final film in Peter Jackson's HOBBIT. Here's the link, thanks to Janice:


My first impression is that they wanted to prevent the viewer from being able to tell anything about the plot. What we have here are a series of striking images, in which pretty much all the major characters from the first two films flash past. What's lacking -- and this has to be deliberate -- is any sense of context. For that we'll have to wait.

Still, while we're waiting, we get to see this interesting collection of vivid snippets to puzzle over. So it's all good, for now. But it does make December seem both near and a long way away.


P.S.: While I'm on the subject of films of THE HOBBIT, this weekend I saw a dvd three-pack of the three animated Tolkien films from the seventies: The Rankin-Bass HOBBIT (which was bad), the Bakshi LORD OF THE RINGS (which was awful), and the R-B RETURN OF THE KING (which was even worse than the first two put together, and then some). So it says a lot about how much I like Tolkien that I already have all three. Still, I was tempted to pick this collection up, if only for the fantastically inappropriate extras attached to each disk -- for example, the Rankin-Bass HOBBIT has an old Droopy cartoon attached.


Brer said...

I know there is no way you could absolutely know, but why do you suppose Mr. Jackson put the extra clunky "the" in "The Battle of the Five Armies," instead of Tolkien's "The Battle of Five Armies"? Is it just marking his territory?

HobbitFan said...

The first DoS EE scene is out. What do you think?