Friday, April 18, 2014

Feanor's Critique

So, even though I'm an independent scholar and work at home, that doesn't mean my work goes unsupervised.
Case in point, the following photograph:



Wurmbrand said...

Ballantine fantasy series paperbacks in the background?

John D. Rateliff said...

Yes, but you can't actually see them in this shot. Behind Feanor you can see the bottom two shelves of a seven-shelf bookcase, the top two shelves of which are devoted to the Adult Fantasy Series. I've got all the titles, though I must confess there are a few of them I've never read, even now.

Speaking of which, one of the dealers-room booksellers at NorWesCon this past weekend had a shelfful of A.F.S. Ballantines for sale: I counted twenty-eight titles, the most I've ever seen for sale at one time and place. Since I already have the whole series, the book I walked away with was a 1950 hardcover of Pratt & de Camp's THE INCOMPLETE ENCHANTER, for just $3.00. Wow. Really looking forward to re-reading this one; it's been a while, and I'd been reminded of it by Shippey's mention in the audio-course lectures on Heroes of his I've been listening to.

--John R.