Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Respite

So, yesterday I finished my turnover on The Big Project, which means I have a little time to come up for air and deal with other things that I'd been neglecting the past few weeks (including blog posts). At least until the reset text comes back and the proofreading begins.

I'll have a new and improved errata list (for the one-volume HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT) up soon. It was longer than I'd have liked, but at least all the items are minor.

Till then, it's errands today, gaming tonight,* and probably going out to a movie (the new Miyazaki) tomorrow. And then back to work again come Monday morning.

--John R.

just finished: JOHANNES CABAL & THE DREAM INSTITUTE (second reading)
just started: THE STORY OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS by Bryan F. Le Beau [1998]

*I'm running a CALL OF CTHULHU scenario set during the Yukon gold rush.

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