Friday, October 4, 2013

Dress Like A Hobbit (or Zombie, or Fairy) Day

So, thanks to Allan for sharing the news about a rather strange upcoming event in the area (up towards Carnation, I think), where a sustainable-farms-mean-healthy-waterways group is hosting an event in which they want people to dress up as zombies (to demonstrate an ecosystem gone terribly wrong), or hobbits (exactly the reverse, I think), or fairies ("female spirit[s] of nurturing life"). Scary zombies, jolly hobbits, flighty fairies: sounds like a big treasure hunt with actors in-character to guide visitors at certain points. Given that this area has an annual zombie parade, and that some folks love any opportunity to put on their elf-ears, I suspect they'll get a decent turn-out of volunteers. I'll be curious if any would-be-hobbits show up, though.

Here's the text of the call-for-volunteers:


Thinking about Food Constantly? Want to Get Out of the Shire for a Bit? Feeling Communal?
We need  Hobbits! The "Where Cows Meet Clams" Team is hosting a Zombie-Fairy-Hobbits in the Forest event on Saturday, November 2nd to connect forest stewardship with salmon and Puget Sound.... it's possible hobbits could find more food sources in the river systems that feed into Puget Sound.
On the look-out for scary, energetic and sure footed Hobbits:
10 Hobbits to act like... well Hobbits (eat, drink, laugh, create community)... and
10 Hobbits that can help with naturalist interpretation (hydrology, forest ecology, salmon and Puget Sound)... still short but can take a break from food to share knowledge
Hobbit Code:
·       Must come dressed as Hobbit (or bring with you morning of to dress)
·       Be willing to volunteer
·       Attend a  3-hour onsite training at the gorgeous Carnation Forest on October 20th
Contact: Steve Gersman:; (425) 427-2222 or
Heidi Siegelbaum:; (206) 784-4265

--and here's more about the event:

         Zombies, Hobbits and Fairies
         Calyx Sustainable Tourism
Calling for men and women volunteers 16 or and over to act the roles of Zombies, Hobbits and Fairies on November 2.
The King County Conservation District is hosting a Zombie-Hobbit-Fairy treasure hunt event in the beautiful forests of Camp River Ranch. The event is intended to educate children and adults to connect forest stewardship with salmon and Puget Sound and sustainability of our valuable farms and forests. Come help spread the message of nature along with giving children and adults a fun time.
The legends of zombies, hobbits and fairies all lend themselves to telling a story about the future we will create for ourselves. Zombies embody the fear of the wrong direction we could head towards (destroying nature and ourselves, transmitting diseases across species). Hobbits rely on the purity and availability (and yumminess) of our food system and help to build community, the sticky stuff of solutions. Fairies embody the humor, laughter, magic and belief that keeps us buoyant, positive and light... they are the female spirit of nurturing life.
For each type of character, we need just 10 folks to act like fairies (all instructions about how to dress and act  will arrive after the actor indicates a willingness to volunteer).
For certain roles, an orientation may be required on October 20.
To volunteer, please email Steve at putting "Volunteer Actor" in the subject line or call at 425.427.2222.
         Carnation, WA
         Nov 2, 2013
         Nov 2, 2013

--so, if that calls to your inner hobbit, drop me a line afterwards and tell me how it went.

--John R.
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