Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Account of the Same Events

So, it turns out my wife's account, as the only eyewitness to the events narrated in my previous post, is much more entertaining than mine. Accordingly, here it is (reposted by permission)

The Littlest Rabbit's Guardian Scholar:

Look, it's a tiny bunny! Oh My God a ferret's chasing it. The ferret's caught the baby bunny! Whatever you do when you've caught up to them don't get bit. Oh good, when John dashed up the hill at them the ferret and bunny separated and ran in opposite directions. Look, there's a crow over in the direction the bunny went. What's he doing? Oh My God! At least this time John's dashing sideways across the hill to the rescue. The crow's flown off and an exhausted Littlest Rabbit has made it safely under cover. And, best of all, John's intact.

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