Friday, June 7, 2013

Ain't It the Truth

Been v. busy lately, finishing up the notes and bibliography for my Kalamazoo paper last week and then doing the same for my Valparaiso paper this week, as well as getting ready for my trip (I'm writing this from the Dallas airport, en route to Arkansas).

So, wanted to seize this opportunity to celebrate the Dallas/Fort Worth airport's being enlightened enough to provide not just free wi-fi but a recharge-your-electronics station nr the gate by making a quick post. Few days ago noticed one of those online slideshows listing things around a theme. This particular theme was "Books People Will Judge You By" if they see you reading them. Boy, did they get that right.

Notice the appearance of Tolkien in Slot #3 of their nine-book series.

Here's the link:


current reading: C. S. LEWIS, POETRY, AND THE GREAT WAR by Jn Bremer [2012] (well-written and informative but harshly unsympathetic), THE STORY OF MERIADOC tr. Mildred Leake Day [1988] (no, not fan-fiction about Merry Brandybuck but a little-known Arthurian romance)

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