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Kalamazoo 2013 (schedule)

Not sure if I've posted this before, but if so no harm in doing so again: here's the schedule of Tolkien-related events at this year's Medieval Congress, put together by Doug Anderson from the program book (thanks Doug). Today is set-up and check in; events start tomorrow. As you can see, the Tolkien events this year are heavily skewed to the first two days of the conference (Thursday/Friday), with my own bit being Friday afternoon. There are also some Lewis events, but unfortunately those are largely focused on the least interesting part of his work (Narnia). Here's the listing:

Kalamazoo 9-12 May 2013

Wednesday May 8

Noon Registration begins, Eldridge-Fox lobby

Set-up Exhibits Hall, Goldsworth Valley III

Thursday May 9

Exhibits Hall, Goldsworth Valley III  Thursday: 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.

10.00 AM    FETZER 1045 
Tolkien as Medieval Scholar     Presider: Brad Eden
“And they are making songs about him from here to the sea”: Samwise Gamgee
as Medieval English Yeoman     Leigh Smith, East Stroudsburg Univ.
A Historiology for England: Tolkien on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
John R. Holmes, Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville
Music of the Ainu, Music of the Spheres: Tolkien and Cosmic Harmonies
Janice M. Bogstad, Univ. of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
Tolkien’s Poetic Scholarship: Old English Meter and Modern Poetry
Anna Smol, Mount St. Vincent Univ.
Tolkien as a Celticist: Views of a “Curtain Raiser” of the O’Donnell Lecture Series
Yoko Hemmi, Keio Univ.

1.30   SCHNEIDER  1280
In Honor of Verlyn Flieger: The State of Tolkien Scholarship (A Panel Discussion)
Presider: Amy Amendt-Raduege, Whatcom Community College
The Geek and the Scholar: Standing Pointy Ear to Mortarboard
Thom Foy, Independent Scholar
Splintered Light and Word: Tolkien’s Myth, Philology, and Faith
Edward L. Risden, St. Norbert College
Whose Myth Is It? Tolkien Scholarship as Interdisciplinary Studies
Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State Univ.
The Tolkien Scholarship Project
Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Saruman’s Coat of Many Colors: Tolkien’s Exploration of Medieval Theories of
Light  Michael Wodzak, and Vickie Holtz-Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.

3.30   SCHNEIDER  1280
Tolkien and Alterity: In Honor of Jane Chance
Presider: Christopher T. Vaccaro, Univ. of Vermont
Medieval Organicism or Modern Feminist Science? Bombadil, Elves, and
Mother Nature  Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State Univ.
The State of Tolkien and Alterity Scholarship
Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Language and Alterity in Tolkien
Deidre Dawson, Michigan State Univ.
The Alterior Motive: Patterns of Difference and Otherness in Tolkien’s World
Jared Lobdell, Independent Scholar

7.30 SCHNEIDER 1280
Art and Music of The Hobbit
Presider: Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State Univ.
A Game of Tolkien
Ed Ouellette, Air Univ.
Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: From Children’s Story to Epic Film
Yvette Kisor, Ramapo College
Songs of Peril in The Hobbit
Laura Smith, Signum Univ.
Sub-creation in Action: Music Inspired by The Hobbit
Brad Eden

Friday May 10

Exhibits Hall, Goldsworth Valley III  Friday: 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.

1.30 VALLEY  I   104
Women in Tolkien’s Professional Life
Presider: Yvette Kisor, Ramapo College
“Professor d’Ardenne of Liège has arrived to harrass me with philological
work”: Simonne d’Ardenne as Student, Collaborator, Translator, and Friend of
J. R. R. Tolkien
Douglas A. Anderson, Independent Scholar
The Missing Women: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lifelong Support for Women’s Higher
John D. Rateliff, Independent Scholar

1.30  SCHNEIDER 1155
In Honor of Marcia Marzec: Papers by Undergraduates I
Presider: Katherine McMahon
2nd of 4 papers
The Eorl That Could Have Been: Theoden as Tolkien’s Answer to Beorhtnoth’s
Colin Pajda, St. Louis Univ.

3.30  SCHNEIDER 1220
Queer Tolkien
Sponsor: Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages (SSHMA);
Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Presider: Graham N. Drake
Niggle, Smith, and Giles: Medieval as Queer
Stephen Yandell, Xavier Univ.
To All Elf-Friends and Wizard’s-Pupils: “It gets better”: Medieval and Modern
Categories of the Queer in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
Christopher T. Vaccaro, Univ. of Vermont
Respondent: Jane Chance, Rice Univ.

7.30  FETZER 1045
Tolkien Unbound (Performances) Fetzer 1045
Presider: Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Maidens of Middle-earth: The Silmarillion
Eileen Marie Moore, Cleveland State Univ.
The Waking of Angantyr: A Poetic Drama (Text by
Deborah C. Rogers) based on an Old Norse Saga,
Performed with the Assistance of the Western
Michigan University Department of Theatre
Richard C. West, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison

Saturday May 11

Exhibits Hall, Goldsworth Valley III  Saturday: 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.

12.00 BERNHARD 211
Tolkien at Kalamazoo Business meeting

Sunday May 12

Exhibits Hall, Goldsworth Valley III  Sunday: 8:00 a.m.–12:00 noon

8.30 AM  SCHNEIDER 1120
Tales after Tolkien: Medievalism and Twenty-First-Century Fantasy Literature I
Presider: Carol L. Robinson, Kent State Univ.–Trumbull
Refracted Romance: Re-visioning the Grail Legend in Catherine Fisher’s Corbenic
Molly Brown, Univ. of Pretoria
George R. R. Martin’s Quest for Realism in A Song of Ice and Fire
Shiloh R. Carroll, Middle Tennessee State Univ.
Androgynes, Crossdressers, and Rebel Queens: Modern Representations of
Medieval Women Warriors from Tolkien to Martin
Rachael Mueller, Catholic Univ. of America
The Meaning of the Middle Ages: Fans, Authors, and Industry
Helen Young

10.30 SCHNEIDER 1120
Tales after Tolkien: Medievalism and Twenty-First-Century Fantasy Literature II
Presider: Douglas A. Anderson, Independent Scholar
Pratchett’s The Last Continent and Nominalist Questions
Jay Ruud, Univ. of Central Arkansas
A Divergent Medievalism in Robin Hobb’s Tawny Man Trilogy
Geoffrey B. Elliott, Technical Career Institutes
Black and Liminal in Camelot
Kris Swank, Mythgard Institute
The Hunger Games: Reinterpretation of a Medieval Quest Narrative
Stephanie A. Amsell, Southern Methodist Univ.

Monday May 13
disperse . . . 



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Are there any plans of a publication of the Proceedings of Kalamzoo 2013?