Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Bit My Teeth

So, this past weekend we went out to breakfast together, and at one point near the end of the meal I bit my teeth.

I'm not sure exactly how that's even possible, much less how it happened. All I know is that somehow my front teeth in the upper and lower jars came together in a way they're not designed for, with the wrong ones on the inside and the outside. After I sorted things out and made sure there were no chips of enamel in my mouth, I turned out to be fine and cd continue the meal, and it's been fine since.

So, I've sometimes accidently bitten the inside of my mouth before, unfortunately, but this was a first for me. And I hope a singularity, never to be repeated.

Other than that, signs of spring/early summer are all around (the first honeybee, the cottonwoods in full drifting 'cotton' mode, dry and hot days alternating with cool and wet, Rigby and Feanor demanding walks). The forsythia and daffodils and violets have come and gone, though the pansies are still doing well; there's also just a few sprays of wysteria. Feanor has been belled as a result of catching and killing another finch (his fifth capture and third kill -- the other two we got away from him in time). Got off a final proofing of one project that'd come back and now deep in finalizing the text, filling out and polishing up the end notes, and creating the bibliography for my Kalamazoo piece, which was well received, I'm glad to say. That'll take a few days yet, esp. given that Thursday is Tolkien/Arthur day. Then I need to do the same for the Valparaiso piece. Haven't had time to write up a full Kalamazoo report, but will try to see what I can do re. same over this weekend. There were a number of good papers and good discussions, so it'd be nice to get some of that done before the memories fade.


current reading: NEUROMANCER by Wm Gibson (1984): disappointing.

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