Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dayquil Days and Nyquil Nights

So, not much posting from me, as a direct result from our both being laid low with colds (congestion, aches, lethargy, coughs). More when mental acuity and energy levels return.
   Till then, much bonding with the cats, who are delighted to have us both home for several days in a row, and encouraging us to sit quiet, read, nap, watch book tv or browse online, et al.


current anime: the BLOOD series (BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE; BLOOD+; BLOOD C)
current reading: just finished the Donald Wandrei horror/fantasy short story collection; starting CSL's AN EXPERIMENT IN CRITICISM (1961) in search of a quote I wanted to use in my Kalamazoo piece; so far no luck.

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Jason Fisher said...

Is the title of the post a Freddy Fender reference? :)