Friday, March 29, 2013

Cat Report (W. 3/27-13)

Things are relatively quiet in the cat room this week, with only five cats today: EDNA JANE, LEUMURA, TATTOO, OLIVER BOB, and newcomer MAUI TATE. Part of the quiet is certainly due to having fewer cats and thus less stress among the shyer or less sociable ones.

 I bought the cats some cat grass (which I took home to my own cats when they were through with it). That went down v. well; lots of sniffing and nuzzling and a little nibbling. Thought it'd do them good to get a sniff of something green and growing and outdoorsy.   Plus I brought along some (dried) catnip, which went down v. well indeed. Maui in particular hunted down the bag and eviscerated it, the better to roll in afterwards.

Started the day by seeing if LEMURA would like a walk. She wasn't so certain at first, and so long as she could see the cat-room she wanted back in it (through the glass, not the door). Once carried a ways away and set down, however, she relaxed and started exploring. Not at all fazed by dogs, not at all interested in the birds, and more attracted to people than otherwise. She marked territory all over the back part of the store by rubbing her chin against it. The part she liked best were the cat-stands (she preferred the brown one), which she tried out and found Good: definitely got her seal of approval.  Once back in the cat-room afterwards, she lazed atop the cat-stand by the door, enjoyed mightily being petted, and played a little (so long as it didn't involve moving much). Later she came down and prowled a bit.

EDNA started by expressing her absolute approval of cat-grass, followed by Just Saying Yes to catnip. This was followed by Going High via a conveniently placed cat-stand to the Cage Tops, which she had all to herself. Just the way she likes it. Then along came The Bug Game and her happiness was complete. Until, of course, I made her come down at the end of the morning, much to her displeasure. She still doesn't like me, but she had a good day.

TATTOO was sweet today, varying between hiding down low beneath cat-stand #2 and coming out to lay on the charm, get petted, and generally make herself agreeable. Interested to note that she doesn't want any trouble; when Lemura comes near, Tattoo pretends not to see her. And for the most part Lemura ignored Tattoo right back; several times they got almost in each other's face with nary a hiss (glad to see Lemura mellowing a bit there). Definitely the friendliest cat in the room -- when I'm around, anyway. Hope she soon finds a home where she can shower all that affection on her own people.

I know from reading other people's reports that he's not always that way, but OLIVER BOB was very shy today. He stayed in until I lifted him out for cage-cleaning, then hid as low down as he could get till he figured it was safe. Turns out he really loves to be on the mid-level of the cat-stand by the cabinet, especially when it's partially draped by cat-blankets to create a sort of arbor or cloister where he can see out but not be seen. Got spooked by end-of-morning activities, such as sweeping, and had to be dragged out from under the cat-stand's lowest level. Poor Bob; glad to hear he's been more relaxed and welcoming of attention on other days and shifts.

That just leaves MAUI TATE (M.T.), who turns out to have quite the personality.* He let me put the collar on but the door closing worried him so much I decided to call off the walk. Maybe I'll try walking around carrying him next time.  He was enthusiastic over the catnip; rarely have a seen a cat so abandon himself to The Catnip Gods. Afterwards he slept it off atop the cat-stand by the door. He likes to let his forepaws hang down; v. cute. Another odd but endearing behavior was when he expressed interest in a water-dish I was filling, so I held it up where he could lap from it without giving up his comfy spot. He lapped a few times, then stuck is paw in, lapped some more, did the same with the other paw -- and so forth; kept it up for quite a while. Think maybe he's testing where the water level is. Saw him do it again after he went back in his cage at the end of the morning, only this time he dipped his paw, licked it, dipped it, licked it, and so forth. Maybe he's part raccoon.

Ended the day with wet catfood, which all but one cat were VERY interested in (think the exception was Oliver; I forget). 

There was one cat-blanket of different shape and texture than the rest, which it turned out the cats were all in favor of, esp. Tattoo.

And think that's about it for another Wednesday morning.  --JDR

health concern: everyone seemed well; we Haz Got Poop from Oliver, so worries about his outtake can subside a bit. The area above Lemura's right eye was pink and a bit swollen; we'll need to keep monitoring that.

*I shd mention that I'd dropped by briefly earlier in the week to meet him, having heard he was quite shy. He scooted himself along on his back to the front of the cage so I cd pet him through the bars. Quite the charmer, who I hope soon finds a home where he can blossom.

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