Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Cat Report (W. 12/19-12)

With the great news about Bonnie taking home Mr. Brothers, a great home for a great cat, we now have nine cats in the cat-room: CLAIRE, ASHWYN, NIKO, TARAH, LEMURA, EDNA JANE, and our bonded pair LARS AND LINUS.

Started the morning with some walks: little Lady Claire had her usual mix of walking and being carried. There was much purring and mew-squeaks. Noticed that she walks best when you walk right alongside her; when you walk behind she keeps turning back and sometimes even going in circles. She was much admired, and later one woman came in the room to see her who seemed to be thinking about having her as her household's second cat -- still early stages, I gathered, but wdn't be surprised if she came back a time or two to see if there's a connection there. Towards the end of the morning Claire got restless and followed me around, demanding (a) attention and (b) a second walk; she got the one but not the other. Pretty good morning overall for the little lady, I'd say.

I'd planned to trim some of Mr. Ashwyn's claws today but didn't get the chance to, since he went high early on and blissfully slept the morning away on a blanket in a box (at least, the parts of him that wd fit did). Came down without any trouble at the end of morning: I just lifted the whole box up and set it down in the mouth of his cage. Ashwyn did have a walk when I first arrived, right after Claire's, which mostly involved me carrying him around the store while he clung to me and sometimes purred. He enjoyed watching the little birds but was alarmed by the fish. Gosh he's a big cat; had his back paws on my best and rested his head on my shoulder. Amusing how he put on a sudden burst of speed on the way back to the cat-room, once he got his bearings. Think overall he had a pretty good day; the departure of Mr. Brothers means he reigns supreme as The Boss, at least so far as he is concerned (girl cats and young'uns apparently need not apply in Mr.-Ashwyn-Wolrd).

Mr. Niko stayed in all morning but was clearly in a good mood, welcoming attention, enjoying being petted, and joining in a string game with delight.

Edna Jane remains painfully shy, but didn't object too much when picked up and deposited atop cat-stand #1, so long as she had a blanket draped mostly over her (though she seems not to mind if it slips off later on). She growls fiercely when any other cat gets near, but think it's all bluff.

Lemura, by contrast, had a busy morning. First had a brief walk (v. clingy). Then she claimed the top of cat-stand #2 and had a fine time with the string game; she's good at making sure the end she's got ahold of doesn't get away. Nor did she mind if the other end of the string was being played with by The Boys (Lars and Linus) or Mr. Niko, so long as she had her share. This changed late in the morning when she shifted over to the mid-level of the cat-stand by the door, between Jane (above) and Tarah (below). This seems to have wound her up, and she got v. hissy and started slapping at visitors, so I made her go back in her cage. Had a hard time getting her in; think I'll keep her away from growlers like Jane. Odd that she hadn't minded Lars and Linus being below her but having Jane above her got her into a really foul mood.

Hot Lips (I agree that that's a terrible name) stayed in all morning until I lifted her out to clean her cage last of all. Only then discovered that while shy she's quite passive; put her in the basket, which she decided she liked. Felt bad not to have taken her out early on; maybe next time. She's certainly a tiny little thing. Seems to be afraid of the broom; when I started sweeping she fled into Lars & Linus's cage, from which I plucked her and put her back in her own abode, much to her relief. 

Tarah continues to be independent and strong-minded: she knows what she likes (hanging out at the base of the cat-stand near the door), and isn't interested in anything the other cats get up to, so long as they don't mess with her private patch. Offered her a walk but she just hunched down and gave voice most mournfully, so soon came back in. 

As for The Boys, Lars and Linus, Lars continues to be the more adventurous, coming out first and exploring, while Linus comes out later and prefers to lay low. Today they most spent on the middle (Lars) and bottom (Linus) rungs of the cat-stand by the cabinet, alternately snoozing and playing the string game (with Lemura on the top level above). Amused that after the other cats stopped playing Linus carried off the string for a game all his own.

Health Concerns: Linus peed on a blanket that'd been dragged into their litter box, so I brought a bunch of cat-blankets and some cat-pillows home to wash; I'll either bring them back tonight (if I get the chance) or tomorrow morning. If they do that again, we may have to anchor the cat-balnket(s) in their cube.

And that's basically it for another week.

--John R.

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