Friday, December 7, 2012

A Happy Ending for Mr. Pitt

So, Wednesday came the good news that Mr. Pitt has been adopted. Janice and I had each been checked every few days on the Purrfect Pals website* to see if he was still at the pet store in Mt Vernon, and on Monday the 3rd Janice noticed that he was no longer listed at their adoption room. Tuesday I sent in a query, and now we know he's not been transferred elsewhere** but went home with his new owner (who, incidently, is also named Janice) on Thursday the 29th.

I'm sorry not to have had the chance to see him again -- if he'd been nearer I'd have tried to go by whatever adoption room he was in about once a week to help keep up his spirits -- but I'm delighted to know that he's now in a home of his own. He's a great cat, and deserves a happy ending. I hope he and his new owner enjoy each other's company for years and years to come.

So, goodbye Mr. Pitts. Glad to have known you, even if only for a short while. Good luck in the new life.

--JDR, currently back in Arkansas

*click here to see the ten cats currently in the cat-room where I volunteer once a week:

**(as sometimes happens, to expose a cat that's been at a particular place for a while to new potential cat-owners elsewhere).

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Glad to hear it!