Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tolkien-inspired Stained Glass

So, it's no surprise that among the many artistic renditions of scenes in Tolkien's work, someone would come along and do some stained glass designs. I think it cd be argued that some of Tolkien's own work wd lend itself well to stained glass adaptation: I've always wanted a stained glass version of Bilbo Comes to the Hut of the Raft-elves, for instance, and a lot of the heraldic devices associated with the SILMARILLION wd make good stained-glass rondels.

Here's the link to Jian Guo's pieces, courtesy of Janice

Of the five pieces linked to here (I'm not clear on whether this is the whole set or merely a representative sample), "Rest in Gildor's Forest" is notable for depicting a scene we rarely see illustrated -- though it's also the only one in which I spotted a factual error (four hobbits where there shd only be three). The five pieces, in their proper sequence, are

"Birthday Party of Baggins"
"Rest in Gildor's Forest"
"Deep Into Moria"
"Welcome from Lothlorien"
"Gates of Argonath"

Given that all these fall within the first volume of LotR, I wonder if there'll be a second and third set to cover THE TWO TOWERS and RETURN OF THE KING. I wdn't be surprised if these five aren't at some point made into posters (a la the old "The Journey Begins", with its almost black-light vividness of colors).

In any case, an interesting example of what Tolkien, in his Letter to Waldman, called "other hands".

--John R.


Unknown said...

That was awesome!!!

-Solomon Berkovitch
Storefront Installation Brooklyn

Troels said...

A link to the artist's "LOTR" gallery: http://breathing2004.deviantart.com/gallery/30260599

The imagery seems clearly inspired by Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.