Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cathedral, London Stone, and Mandir

The trip continues, with a gathering with some old friends, a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral, stopping by to pay our respects at the London Stone (and pick up the latest TLS, which has a great article about a previously unknown Tolkien artist Tolkien much admired), and going way out to north London to see a Hindu mandir.

Today we moved on to Oxford, and had a great lunch with two more Tolk folk, but since I've got a cold and just took some nighttime cold medicine, I'll stop now before it . . .


Marcel R. Bülles said...

Hi John,

will you still be in Oxford for Oxonmoot - or will you have already moved on? Would definitely love to meet up!

Best wishes,


John D. Rateliff said...

Dear Marcel
No, I won't be here for Oxonmoot-- but who cd resist two or three days in Oxford while in England?
Maybe w'll be able to met up another time, on nother trip.
-- JDR
P.S. Have a great Oxonmoot, all

Marcel R. Bülles said...

Well, obviously :) I will try to get to MythCon next year so maybe we'll meet up there!