Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to London

So, another night's sleep under the effects of cold medicine, and I'm apparently no longer wearing my pitiful hat. Which is good.

Things are beginningto wind down now on our big trip. Today we left Newton House ( wh I recommend) and traveled by train back to London for a few days more at Celtic House. Spent the fternoon at th British Museum, wh we'd intended to visit a lot when in London bu only manged twice, due to their earlyish closing time. Janice feeling it'd be nice to see something non-Egpytian for a change, we visited their Assyrian rooms and took our time w their amazing displays of lion hunts, city sieges, and much more. Truly amazing stuff. After that we were running out of time, but briefly visited the Mesoamerican room (saw a precolumbian codex), the early life-in-England rooms (Beaker people, Celts, Roman Britains, et al). So vast are their riches that you run into the extraordinary in every room --- the Lindow Man here, the Lewis Chessmen there. Didn't have time to see the Sutton Hoo treasure; maybe another time.

After tht was laundry, and sipper at a v gd Turkish resaurant (Antalya, on Southampton Row), and then a quiet evening watching the new Hobbit trailer (about wh more later when I've had time to think about it and a chance to see it again) and read a little.

Only one more full day, then a travel day ending in home again. Do miss the furry little faces.


Current reader: Who Owns Antiquity.   and. Verne's Hunt for the Meteor


Anonymous said...

If you are still in London today... I could get you on television for an interview about the Hobbit trailer.

John D. Rateliff said...

Hi Peter

That wd be great, except I'm leaving in the morning for Heathrow and the flight home.

Too bad; wdhave been fun. Maybe next time.

-- John R.