Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Latest on the Hummingbird Front

About ten minutes ago, I had an amazing experience. I was making some Moroccan soup when, looking out the window, I noticed the hummingbird feeders were about empty. So I went out, collected the empty feeders, brought them in and cleaned them out, refilled them with fresh hummingbird juice (having a few days ago replenished the supply without filling the house w. smoke OR destroying another pan), and took them back out. A hummingbird flew away from the area where the feeders shd have been, and I started to hang them back out when I got an idea. Keeping v. still, I stood at the railing holding one of the feeders in each outstretched hand. Pretty soon the hummingbird came back, zoomed me a few times, with a tail-click and a few tsks. Then it v. slowly got nearer and nearer, until it was drinking out of the feeder in my left hand. When it'd had enough, off it flew.




Bruce Heard said...

Neat! You need to do it again with someone nearby holding a camera!

grodog said...

Very cool, John :D We had a hummingbird feeder on our apartment balcony when we lived in San Jose and really enjoyed the ones that visited, but I haven't seen any here in Kansas. Will have to talk to my mother-in-law to see if they're around Wichita much or not.