Friday, May 25, 2012

And Another

While I'm at it, I shd mention another upcoming Tolkien conference I only found out about at Kalamazoo, at Gerald Hynes' presentation (in the session re. SIGURD & GUDRUN). While I won't be able to go to it, it sounds and interesting one: THE FOREST & THE CITY, being held at Trinity College, Dublin this September (the 21st-22nd). I remember going to Trinity College during the week I spent in Dublin researching my dissertation on Lord Dunsany in 1987.*

Looks like they have quite an impressive array of Tolkienists: Shippey, Verlyn, Dimitra Fimi, Drout, Henry Gee, &c. &c. Some of the topics sound good too, particularly Hynes' on deforestation and the Fall of Numenor (I assume in reference to the deliberate destruction of the White Tree).

Anyway, this one's definitely off the beaten track so far as venues for Tolkien conferences go, and all the more interesting for it. Hope they get a good turn-out and, given the amount of talent they have listed as speakers, a proceedings volume to follow. I know I'd want to read it.

Here's the link:

--John R.

*I remember being stunned at one point when I rounded a corner and saw, in a display case at the end of the row of bookshelves I'd just been looking at, the Book of Kells.

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Gerard Hynes said...

Thank you very much for mentioning our conference, John.
I had meant to email you and shamelessly ask for the publicity but could't find your contact details. Thanks for preempting me.
We are working with Four Courts Press (, one of Ireland's best academic publishers, to bring out a proceedings volume next year. Conference attendees will get a discount on the proceedings.