Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday, There Were Bees

Just as a quick note, the honeybees were out again -- briefly at least -- yesterday, with three or four of them swarming around the hummingbird feeder. One or two seemed to object to Rigby lying in the sun, but most were concentrating on the task at hand, something bees are v. gd at.

No sign of them today, but then it seems to require the right combination of late-afternoon warming and a little sunshine to bring them out from wherever they lair.

Just to be thorough, if belated, I'd meant to note one other sighting, I think around January 25th, but forgot to note the date. Given how many signs there are now that early spring's not too far away, it looks like they shd make it on their wintering over.

UPDATE, Sun.Feb.13th: and again today, briefly -- though we were distracted from that by what look to be the opening volley in Hummingbird Wars!

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