Saturday, February 26, 2011

Verlyn's Book

So, I was delighted on Thursday to see the following post by Jason Fisher about a forthcoming book from Verlyn Flieger:

Ever since I saw Shippey's ROOTS AND BRANCHES, my first thought was "what a great idea" and my second "when will Verlyn put out one?" And now that's come to pass with GREEN SUNS AND FAERIE: ESSAYS OF JRRT. Looking at the table of contents Jason provides confirms that I've read many of these, and heard many others delivered at conferences and symposiums over the years: to have them all collected together in one place will be great. And of course there are some I've missed, so this'll be a good chance to read those as well.

It's already available for preorder on Amazon, with a projected release date of August (just six months away). Horray.

And now, I immediately begin to think of how nice it'd be to see a collection by Wayne & Christina . . .


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