Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So, speaking of Tolkien magazines old and new, just this past Saturday came the announcement that the next issue of PARMA ELDALAMBERON (vol. XVIII) is coming out next week (I think the official release date is November 23rd). Since they have smallish print runs, and once they go out of print can remain unavailable indefinitely,* anyone who has even a passing interest in Tolkien's invented languages shd be sure to order a copy sooner instead of later. This particular issue deals both with the primitive elvish root language that underlay Quenya and Sindarin in the same Indo-European (or Indo-Hittite) underlies Latin and Welsh AND with Tolkien's invented scripts. The pre-publication cost is $30: for more information see the link below to the PARMA website.

--John R.

*I missed Volume XIV and never have been able to find a replacement, even after several years' looking.

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Unknown said...

If you haven't find one already, would you be interested in a scan of Vol. XIV? My email is k.ivanov /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Rownsepyk said...

Hi John,

In case you missed Christopher's announcement through other channels:


Reprints should be available in February.