Thursday, November 12, 2009

The New Project

So, a few weeks ago I found out that a project I've been trying to get permission to work on since about 1985 has just gotten approved. Obviously, I'm excited about this, and v. much looking forward to starting in on it around the beginning of the new year. Unfortunately, I can't talk much about it until it's officially announced. So, there will be postings later once things get underway.

In a sense, this is just my way of saying wow, you never know when work you've done in the past will someday pay off, and old might-have-been projects unexpectedly come to life.

No, it's not Tolkien.

More later.



SESchend said...

Exciting news, John! A project waiting since 1985 predates TSR, the Hobbit, et al. Keep us posted as to what you're doing (when you're free to do so) and let the rest of us type-monkeys know if we can help.

As for me, I'm scrambling through three freelance projects, about a half-dozen pitches for fiction, one nigh-complete nonfiction pitch/full proposal, and just trying to get it all done before our baby arrives in late January.

Love to you and Janice and your menagerie.


John D. Rateliff said...

Thanks Stephen. Yes, it's been in the hopper for a while; this is a project that stretches all the way back to my Marquette days. I'll definitely be posting more about it later on.

And congratulations to you both on your big news. Have y'all picked out a name yet? Best of wishes

--John R.