Monday, May 6, 2024

Author vs. Character

 So, here's an amusing piece I recently ran across called Stab Me Now. The conceit is that an author planning out her new story decides to let the heroine decide what she will do, how she will react to the main events in the enusing story. Right from the start things go not-according-to-plan, as when the main character objects to the fancy clothes the author wants her to dress up in, as opposed to the practical outfit the character wd prefer. Character and Author clash over everything from what weapons she shd carry to her failure to fall in love all over the place.  

It's not fan fic, which by definition is based on the work of others (particularly characters, but usually with setting too). It reminds me of Flann O'Brien for an internet generation.

If you want to give it a try, take a look at

for this and other works by the same author; she seems particularly taken with fantasy armor and the shorthcomings thereof.

--John R.

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Garkbit said...

I remember a Robert Rankin novel where the characters notice the author sitting in a corner of the pub writing the novel they are currently experiencing, and go over to remonstrate with him.