Friday, January 26, 2024

Peruvian Tolkien Society

So, recently I found out from fellow Tolkien scholar Erik Mueller Harder* that there is a Peruvian Tolkien Society (La Sociedad Tolkien Peruana), a newly founded group. What's more, they were having their next meet (via Zoom) the very next day. The book they had chosen was THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT. Seeing that I had written that book, Erik thought I might be interested in joining in. Long story short, as my uncle wd say: I contacted them and they invited me to join the meeting. It wound up being an enjoyable time, a book group discussion crossed with a Q&A.  I found them knowledgable and articulate. I was glad to be invited and glad I accepted.

--John R.

*we both worked on the Marquette reprocessing project, though mostly at different times.  

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Marcel R. Bülles said...

Although some societies and other special interest groups are not always on the public radar - particularly when they are not incredibly active on social media or more recently on things like TikTok - many of them have a rather long history.

And the STP met in 2001 for the first time in Lima, so they do have more than twenty years on their back :)

Lovely to see they are going strong - and spontaneously inviting Tolkien scholars. Love it!