Saturday, August 20, 2022

Walkthrough of the Exhibition (Marquette)

So, for those who cdn't make it to the current display of Tolkien manuscripts, or those who wd have liked more time to see the exhibit (howevermuch time was available was bound to feel too short), here's a video walk-through of the whole display, more than half an hour long, made a few hours before the exhibit opened.  Though taking pictures was not allowed, as is usual with works on display, a group from the German Tolkien Society (Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaftes U) had official permission to record the event. That evening that same group circulated during the reception and after, taking pictures of people in attendence, myself included.

It was a great exhibit, esp. the placement of two iconic pieces at far ends of the galley: Tolkien's green great dragon nr the entry and the Ishness painting of Kor. I do have to admit that a high point for me starts around 26.00 on the film, when the camera shows and the narrator describes The River, the chart placing page of every draft of every chapter of LotR into a schematic map. This is the big project I've been working on for several years now, as my part of the LotR reprocessing project. I hope and think this will prove of great help to future researchers work out the sequence of composition at a page-by-page level.

Here's hoping the D.T.G. does indeed post more film of the exhibit.

--John R.

--unusually for me, the last day or two I've been too busy to do much reading --whether it was visiting with friends from our old book club, walking around a site with many Indian mounds, or visiting a fellow survivor from TSR.



Doug Kane said...

Is there a link to the video?

John D. Rateliff said...

There is indeed


Doug Kane said...

Thank you, John!

David Bratman said...

I think I'll be spending most of my exhibit time at the interactive display screen shown starting about 22.00. Fabulous!

I trust there's an elevator so that those who can't take stairs can get down from the entrance into the exhibit rooms.

John D. Rateliff said...

Dear David

I wd be surprised if Marquette's on-campus museum were not mobility-access. I'm sure the Haggerty cd answer this by call or email.

The one specific mention I found in a quick search was under the description of the Sunday September 25th dancing event:

'Reservations are not required, but seating is limited. Wheelchair access can be arranged through the loading dock. Free and open to the public.'

--John R

Wurmbrand said...

The video appears to have been withdrawn from public access.

Dale Nelson