Saturday, July 23, 2022


 So, poking about on YouTube the other day (as one does), I came across a video review of Riggs' new book on the site GREYHAWK GROGNARD. In brief, this champion of TSR's early game world in general and Gary  Gygax's contributions in particular considers this a pretty good book, but faults it for being insufficiently deferential to Gygax on the one hand and for not portraying Lorraine Williams as a fiend in human form on the other.  

In other news, I've been reading through the book, taking my time so as to enjoy the journey.

Plus, I got rid of seventeen boxes of books last week, so I now have that much more space to sort out the next lot. 

Here's the link.

--John R.

current reading: Ben Riggs' book.

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