Friday, July 9, 2021

The Cat Report (Fr. July 9th 2021)


So, all four cats who were in the cat-room (SophiaSunshineTiffany, and Marley) got adopted, switching out our yellow cats and torbie/calicos with black and grey: tuxedo cat TEE, black cat bonded pair TABITHA and TOMMY, and grey cat pair JEREMIAH BULFROG* and JESSE.

TEE is an amazingly friendly and sociable cat. Within five minutes of my meeting her for the first time she was outside on the leash taking a walk. She did well, too, exploring the side of the store centered on the cat room without trying to make any sudden breaks. She liked climbing up on my shoulders, so that sometimes it looked like she was the one walking me. Without wanting strangers to pet her she nonetheless attracted a lot of attention while getting a chance to get out of the cat room for a while. Back in the room she wanted more attention and petting and games (the feather duster was a particular favorite) and went back in her cage reluctantly. 

It was TABITHA and TOMMY’s turn next. He elected to stay in the big cage but came up to the front and welcomed being petted so long as he didn’t have to leave his safe space. He basically cuddled in the cage. His sister Tabitha (the fluffy one) by contrast came out gladly and stayed out. She loved games, esp the string game, but loved being petted even more. She too was displeased to have to go back in her cage, and several times made it clear she’d like to come back out for another round.

This week’s shy cats award goes to JEREMIAH BULFROG and JESSE, neither of whom wd come out, though they purred when petted in their cage. They’re truly bonded: with four cage-sections  (the whole bottom row)  to choose from they slept cuddled together in the same section. I cdn’t tell them apart but they know their names and each will respond to being called by his or her name.

I think as the new cats get used to the cat room they’ll be out and exploring more, at first cautiously and then with more confidence. Don’t think it’ll take too long either.

No health issues that I noted.

One person who admired Tee’s walking said he’d adopted a cat from this cat-room once, named Nikky (just guessing at the spelling). I gathered Nikky is no longer among us but got distracted by the cat-walking and didn’t get any more information.

—John R.

*somebody out there besides me remembers Three Dog Night


John D. Rateliff said...


--And I'm happy to report that I learned today that TEA has been adopted. Good to know that friendly and charismatic cat now has a new home all her own.

--John R

John D. Rateliff said...


Happy to report two more adoptions today (Saturday): ball-of-fluff TABITHA and her brother TOMMY. They were adopted together as a bonded pair, so they got to go together and get to stay together.

Which means that the grey brothers JEREMIAH (BULLFRoG) and JESSE for now get the whole cat-room to themselves. They'll like that. And since I was able to walk both on Friday they're relaxing and being friendly to passers-by, which helps folks make connections with them that can lead to adoptions.

At any rate, it's good to celebrate Tabitha and Tommy's good fortune and hope Jeremiah and Jesse's turn comes soon.

--John R.